Water and Sanitation Technologies

727612_92864475Khudu Technologies water treatment systems, plant design and chemicals help to reduce the environmental impact of municipal and industrial wastewater by using leading wastewater treatment technologies.

With a wastewater treatment plant design experts, Khudu Technologies is able to meet any application requirements – depending on the quality of influent, and the required quantity of effluent.

Our services include everything required to design, build, operate, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems.

Khudu Technologies’s technologies transform wastewater into resource water:

Khudu Technologies applies its global technological leadership to extract the full value from wastewater. We help our clients generate reusable water and produce fertiliser, nutrients and energy for heat and electrical power.

Khudu Technologies’s wastewater treatment systems can:

  • Treat municipal and industrial sewage to specified standards for surface discharge
  • Treat municipal and industrial sewage to standards suitable for human consumption
  • Recycle industrial wastewater for manufacturing at zero liquid discharge
  • Treat acid mine water to environmentally-sound standards

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