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Khudu Technologies accommodates all Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) functionalities in the front-end on vehicles or counters and in the back-end central systems:


Today’s public transport companies face the challenge of choosing the perfect mix of ticketing sales options. The Khudu Technologies solution allows various sales channels and solutions such as:

  • Integrated or stand-alone POS solutions
  • Vending machines support automatic ticket distribution and various media, the loading and reloading of products onto contactless media, etc.
  • Mobile sales via handheld devices
  • Internet sales by means of an action list or specific pick-up terminals
  • Direct sales using validators

Fare payment

Fare media validation is carried out at the various vehicle validators, station validators or on mobile validation devices.


Using mobile handheld devices, it becomes easy to perform inspection of contactless fare media or other. Inspection can be done in an automatic or semi-automatic way.

Card management

Using the card management component of the Khudu Technologies system, it becomes easy to manage the cards used within the system. Card details are stored and updated in the database, allowing to view their corresponding history and status. Passengers may be assisted at a customer service point for all contactless smart card related questions.

Furthermore extensive card holder management allows to deactivate and reactivate cards, the personalisation of cards etc.


Khudu Technologies provides a tool for reporting and transaction and sales analysis, which list sales or validation results per vehicle or location. This feature helps to optimise your overall ticketing strategy.


Khudu Technologies is also your interface for monitoring ticketing functionalities.
System engineers have an overview of all the ticketing equipment that is being used in the field and are able to consolidate the current operational state and other equipment information such as the software version, the data file version, among others. Also the IT infrastructure and the software services are continuously monitored allowing the system engineers to react at the first glimpse of trouble.

Open interfaces

Khudu Technologies, on which the central ticketing component is built, allows to interface with multiple external applications. For example it enables data exchange with your company’s accounting systems, maintenance applications or other ticketing systems.

While multiple transport operators may each have their own ticketing system, the need to centralise data of all subsystems becomes essential. This is why Khudu Technologies can be linked with a central clearing house for the exchange of transactions, blacklists, greylists, action or green lists, sales data, among others.


Using the User Management and Authentication of Khudu Technologies it becomes easy to manage users, their corresponding roles and privileges on the various applications. The overall authentication of the technical services can also be managed using this tool. Khudu Technologies makes use of state-of-the-art network security technology to protect your critical business data.

Data management

Each day public transport companies generate a vast amount of fare data. Transaction data is continuously recorded and then stored for analysis.

The heart of Khudu Technologies consists of one central database. With its open architecture, Khudu Technologies enables easy adaptations and guarantees reliable information exchange between different software components. With this holistic appoach you are not bound to any pre-set implementation set-up, but you will be provided with a completely tailored solution. Also, there are various import and export functionalities available.

Operations control

This Khudu Technologies component manages all aspects concerning ticketing products, passenger types, calendars and rules. Various equipment parameters such as device behaviour can be set.

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