About Us

Our Vision

“To be a major role player in the provision of ICT services governed by integrity and professionalism”

Our Values

Khudu Technologies subscribes to the global business ethics and we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Corporate Governance: We commit to adhering to all the legislation that governs the industry, upholding ethics, transparency, and fairness in our business dealings with all our clients in order to maintain integrity.
  2. Performance: Our clients’ business is our business partners therefore the delivery of a customized service, on time to attain customer satisfaction, is critical.
  3. Sustainability: The relationship we build with our clients and stakeholders seeks to achieve long term returns and sustain future business returns.
  4. Transformation: The agenda of economic transformation is our priority evidenced by the stride to create sustainable jobs for the youth, women and people with disabilities whilst ensuring that our clients’ experience is without prejudice, regardless of origin, gender or creed.

Our Mission

• To strive to deliver the highest quality ICT services driven by accountability, efficiency, honesty and professionalism with the sole intention to exceed our clients trends.
• To grow a company which is financially stable and successful
• To promote and support Black Economic Empowerment(BEE) initiatives
• To continuously upgrade & develop ourselves by means of continuous skill development, focus, innovation, technology and quality so we can be in line with forever changing industry trends.


• To be a global player accessing ICT opportunities in the RSA and Africa region.
• To upload ethical values of our industry and obey the governing laws of each country we operate from within
• To ensure quality service delivery of all the projects
• To provide on time performance for all the projects we undertake

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